Confidence, Capitalism, Society

What is the difference between confidence and vanity? Is there an outright answer? A definitive solution and line? At what point has one "crossed the border?" I think we can agree vanity is NOT a good thing.

In regards to this confidence and vanity subject, it can be related to numerous aspects of our lives. For example it could relate to professional work positions, companies, accomplishments, and places. Perhaps it could be based on one's intellect? Cultured Mindset? Athletic Prowess? It could be as superficial as looks, physique and appearance.

What if you feel totally justifiable in this confidence and having the aura of being the best? For example, if you were in a room where no one has ever even attempted or accomplished what you have? Not even close? Does that make it okay? Should you hold it above people? Or should one pretend, play it cool and just roll with the crowd, punches and room? If your the most talented or attractive person in a place, should that matter? How would you act? Humble? Even-keel? Indifferent?

As life continues to cruise, I personally am curious as to what the "next" pinnacle, achievement, place, work position, & things are due up next. While striking up a conversation with a fellow American outside an eclectic gym, I suggested we as individuals in this capitalist country ought to always be striving to improve. He differed with me and seemed content with his current well being.

For example, I think, if we have a job, we want a better one! If we have car, we want a nicer one! If we have a partner, we want a better partner! If we have a condo/house we want a better one! I think that's okay. I say go for it! I could be misguided.



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