The Southern Experience

The Southern Experience.

I am now officially 1 month and a week Happily removed from the mecca and whirlwind that is Manhattan.

Yes, I am pleasantly and happily surprised. The flight was looong. Yet, upon arriving in Texas, I was startled to realize how CLEAN, everything is here. The streets are immaculate. I sometimes wonder looking around and marvel at how this urban cleanliness is so easily and successfully achieved. I was used to seeing trash baskets every two steps and walking through litter, even in the best of neighborhoods up there. It must be a pride thing? A unity of the common residents and citizenry to preserve their grounds for the greater good. Overall, I remain and continue to be impressed!

Additional bonus points in the Southern Experience, include the SPACE and square footage of Everything. You name it, apartments, condos, retail stores, parks, movie-theaters, restaurants, cars, people, & all are much more spacious. No more cramming in tiny places. There is ROOM to breathe, relax, live and yes PARTY as well.

Although no "Rivington Street on a Weekend " the nightlife, here, vibe, music and desire to have joyous fun is very evident. An attractive women grabbed me one night and proceeded to parade me across the dance floor up. Oh man...where did she go? Also the different districts, West 6th, Warehouse, Red River, and the 2nd street District are all walking distance to each other and very unique. The different areas could be compared to say the East & West Village? Close yet in vicinity, yet not the same at all. To reiterate, it's fun here too!

Also, and perhaps the BEST thus far about the SOUTHERN experience is the WEATHER. In Mid-October I went swimming multiple times, biked around town lake shirtless multiple times, acquired an even and healthy tan, AND have yet to wear a true jacket.

More to come, as your comments, suggestions, thoughts and all are appreciated.

Just trying to keep an OPEN MINDFUL


Anonymous said…
Glad you are back and happy. Yes, Texas is awesome, no place I love more. Let's try to keep it a secret!!!shhh!!!!

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