Weekend of Promise & Atmosphere Change

It's like a page is immediately turned in the human and emotional psyche when Friday, after 5 pm hits. Isn't that true?? It's like you can feel the masses, people, businesses, workers, and environment ease up and prepare for the fun, and mix up.

Do you sense this change in the overall aura as well?

The physical wear and tear of the work week, concludes and thus permits the weekend. A time for it's constituents to roam loose. A mini-vacation, a hiatus if you will, from the jobs, and duties that support their lives and individual lifestyles.

For example, here in New York City and Manhattan, people are more casual. They walk more freely. Their attitudes passe and non inhibiting. A more welcoming, peaceful, carefree demeanor. While passing through Central Park, watched runners, couples, park "athletes", and tourists enjoy the slightly warmer temperatures and hopefulness of spring.

I am glad our American society has created THE WEEKEND, and feel we are ALL better for it! Enjoy it!


Anonymous said…
I am all for the 3 day weekend buddy. You are a visionary. My hat off to you good sir. Maybe that should be rule #3... 'give yourself a 3-day weekend when you need it' ;)

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