the Art of Conversation

Greetings from a library on Madison Avenue in New York City.

In this fast paced, immensely and densely populated urban mecca, one is bound to inevitably engage in conversation. It is possible to go a day without physically talking to another human, yet this may not suit one's personality.

What do you like to talk and converse about? What are your favorite stories, topics, industries, and outlets for discussion? Do you mind talking about yourself? Or, are your more interested in others?

Personally, am proud of certain elements and life accomplishments achieved at youthful ages, thus far. Often, enjoy sharing them. For example, my southern Texan pride and mantras. Also, stories from being a guest attendant at in the Meatpacking District of New York City. Modeling on behalf of in Manhattan, and so

Yet, personal bios aside, believe being topical and "in the moment" may be the best way to go. For example, discussing news, entertainment or weather? Also, perhaps posing friendly questions, such as nation originality or neighborhood preferences? Being able to adjust mid conversation and go with the flow is a skill. Realizing conversation and groups are more than just a one way street. Being OPEN MINDED to different ideas and avenues for chat. What do you think? What is the Art of Conversation?

Best Life Wishes..


Anonymous said…
I like to ask people what they're doing for the weekend. Since I'm off Saturday and Sunday I usually have plans myself but it's interesting hearing other peoples agendas and sometimes it's worth checking out

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