Forks in the Road..

As confident individuals of this earth, believe we make genuine, intelligent effort to look out for our best interests and well being? Wouldn't you all agree? You could compare individuals and their decision making prowess to being an advocate, politician or lobbyist?

I mean, most people would not consciously make an incorrect or harmful decision against themselves? At least not if they could control it?

Well, here is a question? Do you believe in fate? Do you believe in destiny? Or, are the aforementioned words and ideals, just hogwash? Are life outcomes in our hands? Who should we trust, or go to for decision making? Internal? External? Combination?

At the moment, am personally hopeful, yet a tad uncertain about what the proper and most advantageous choices out to be? A friend recently advised, that it's better to be proactive and DO SOMETHING, rather than simply contemplate and wonder? What do you think?

Well, I'm not sure, hopefully things will turn out for the greater good of all? I'd pray, but have not been practicing a religion for 10 years.


Anonymous said…
I believe destiny is mostly determined by personal choices and God listen's to all his children whether they go to church or not.
So, if there is something you want in life: Go for it!!!
Anonymous said…
perhaps you should pray and ask God for help/guidance.

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