New Year Resolutions, Changes, Advancement

2011, the year has arrived and is here. I mean honestly, we had the 90s, yet still have not garnered a name for this most previous decade. While at a diminutive, yet classy and charming spot in Nolita, overhead a fellow restaurateur while describing the decade from 2000-2009 refer to them as the "the Digits." What do you think? Catchy? Will the "Digits" stick?

The current years is here, and everyone seems very OPEN MINDED to change, new ideas, locations, careers, dating, lifestyle tweaks, relationships and all. Are you? Are these mutual sentiments in your world?

Dialing back, my recent New Years Eve night was SPECTACULAR. It was filled with joy, sets of pretty girls, pristine places, long time friends, immaculate views, beverages, singing and ohhhhh could I keep going? Yet won't.

Moving to the present, a new years resolution is to become financially liberated and formidable in the future. You'll notice I often boast of the Statue of Liberty and our personal freedoms, yet a powerful and ardent goal this year is to be financially powerful. The concept is to enroll in New York State real estate classes, acquire and earn a valid license. Through service, fun, work and professional care, will assist others, improve my city, communities, while benefiting independently as well. On a side note, I was previously and successfully licensed in the State of Texas for multiple years. The industry is in my BLOOD.

Do you have better ideas for 2011? Something else? Suggestions? Ideas?

Truthfully we should all vote to combine brains, brawn and all our natural and created skills. Like in kindergarten, we learned each of us is unique, "special" and have our own strengths and abilities.


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