The Whirlwind of time ceases to pause and continues its movement. It seems like just yesterday that my birthday was approaching, and it has already come and gone on the calendar.

My younger brother has recommended, a five year plan? He may have a good point, as fantastic as my past, present and life has been, I guess planning for its future and continuation, could be viewed as an intelligent and wise choice as well?

Yet perhaps to me, it is a little too much pondering. I keep living in the present, with daily, weekly, and monthly goals and aspirations. The phrase, "Be Here Now", comes to mind. My current location in New York City, may be a cause? It is such a fast paced and instant gratification environment. Whether its friends, girls, work, the weather, social itinerary, and all, the lifestyle is, what are you doing right now? What is the happening, positive, beneficial or fantastic thing for this pending moment.

It seems as though people, and citizens of this dense, fun, diverse, and edgey city are never content to REST on their laurels, achievements and accomplishments. It is a feeling and sense of excess and consumerism. Yet, as an experienced member of this environment, believe have effectively learned when to turn the volume up, down and off. Remember, we as individuals have control and are in the driver's seat.

To surmise, the pace, action, and moments of beauty here can be, so welcomed and fun! After one settles in, the potential and upside is limitless.


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