Open Mindful to New Activities & Places??

Do we sometimes get set in our ways?? Are you a "regular" somewhere?? Are you a Routine Person? Do you like to keep it Fresh and Mix it up?? Like the 80's TV show, CHEERS, is their a place where everyone knows your name?? For example, one could be a regular at the Gym, the Yoga Studio, The library, the Park, a Video Store?? I think sometimes we are all guilty of going to, attending, visiting and hanging out, at the SAME places, stores and business we feel comfortable in. Sometimes this is okay and completely permissible. Also if you have found a FANTASTIC place, venue, bar, park, that is worth it, and we're unaware of, please comment and include the OPEN MINDFUL audience. If happiness to you, is being a regular at your favorite place, then by all means, the USA is free country and your are more than welcome to. Yet, as a free citizen too, would like to recommend we as a society, use our freedoms & powers as consumers to become OPEN MINDFUL to NEW PLACES, VENUES, AREAS, NEIGHBORHOOD, STORE, SPOTS and all. What do you think?? To support this fresh idea and encouragement to mix it up, would like to reference a memory during my professional training as a salesman with an excellent private jet flight company in Midtown East Manhattan, some words of advice. Our trainers and management recommended that we not be afraid be to MIX IT UP and change things, try new ways. Whether this was customizing and crafting our unique sales pitch, or even the actually physical venues, coffee stores, places, and night time venues one visited. Therese words of wisdom have stuck with me, as it is my suggestion that we as more VERSATILE american citizens, will become better more OPEN MINDFUL people. What do you think?? Are you OPEN MINDFUL to new places, opportunities, activities, hobbies and all??


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