OPEN MINDFUL to a Variety in Dominance?

Are we as a society and citizenry sometimes guilty of being close-minded and stuck in our own ways, when it comes to workplace opportunities and possibilities? Are you married to a career? Are you close minded to what you think is the best job for you? Could it be possible to have misfired on your calling?? One prime example I believe to being and remaining open mindful to SUCCESS and opportunity in various, far ranging industries is the celebrity, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now, we can all admit he is no role model in the domestic or female relationship department, in fact in this area he is one of the worst, with a plethora of infidelities, problems and more..but...moving along... Arnold Schwarzenegger is a prime example that when using god given talents to the fullest, along with hard work and perseverance, one can accomplish a lot. Arnold was OPEN MINDFUL to new industries, in his diverse, entertaining and fantastic professional career. For example Arnold proved to be an outstanding professional in at least 3 distinct industries. He was a Competitive Body Builder, an A-list Action Move Star Actor, & lastly he was elected the Governor as the lead politician in the USA state of California. In my opinion, it is impressive that he was open to not only trying new industries, but also becoming a leader in all 3. What other people do you know, whom have dominated in that many distinct different fields??? For example if the "normal" American, remains with one occupation his whole life; i.e. electrician, artist, lawyer, doctor, teacher is that a good thing?? Is it commendable to stay loyal in desire to be an expert in a particular craft? Or, should we as a society be OPEN MINDFUL to changes in work?? To summarize, I'm not advocating that one method or direction in professional life is better than any other. Yet, would like to reiterate, that we as humans have just one life to live and if you feel like trying a new and different working path, then OBVIOUSLY this is allowed. What do you think??? Go forth and dominate!


Anonymous said…
arnold who?

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