What is the best way to live?

In my humble opinion, people who are open mindful to new lifestyles, possibilities and ways to live, may have more enriched souls. Do you agree? Do you disagree? Are you indifferent to this idealogy? For example, personally I am an avid fan of the city slicker lifestyle. For example I love people, culture, diversity, nightlife, fashion, girls, music, and action in general. The city slicker lifestyle includes the ease of physically walking and biking to multiple venues, grocery stores, bars, parks and more. Am I being closed minded to other lifestyles? Am I missing something? Is there a better way to be? Do you have any viable suggestions? For example, is the ranch and country lifestyle a quality one? Is it more peaceful, carefree, economical, earthy and sincere? Is the alternative, edgy and hipster lifestyle the way to go? I would characterize this lifestyle to include cusp neighborhoods, controversial fashion, questionable behavior, fun nights and creative work. What about the family lifestyle? A family life includes kids, minivans, soccer games, public schools, parenting and disneyland? Is the family method enjoyable? Thanks for your time, thought and comments. Should I, and we as a society be OPEN MINDFUL to different lifestyles?


Anonymous said…
why not ask the subject of your last blog?

Anonymous said…
George, you asked "is there a better way to be?"
my answer: not if you are happy.
in my opinion, "the best way to live" is the way that makes you happy. This does not have to fit into a conveniently labeled box, i.e. "city, country, homemaker, etc." if a person choses to define themselves as such, great, have a it, its your life not mine. My point (which i am not being incredibly concise in making) is that life is what we make of it. there is no "best" or "worst", because no one knows what someone else's reality is. that is the key: it is relative. Personally, if i am building a life through actions that leave me fulfilled and peaceful at the end of the day, than that is the "best" way I can live. That is the "best life," and I have the power to create it. IF I CHOSE TO DO SO.
Cheers, Amy

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