Open Mindful to Dating & Relationships

So...let's talk about dating and relationships, one would think after being a teenager, completing college and living in NYC, Manhattan for 5 years, I would have figured this thing out.
Does the Dating & Relationship process, change over time? Is Teen, College or Adult dating the most genuine? With our American digital world of instant and changing communication, which is the best method to build and further relationships? Do you prefer your mate actually phone dialed you? Left a voicemail? Do you prefer texting? Facebook chatting and messages? Or should dating and relationships use a combo of them all?
Or do you not do dating, and perhaps have found a way to skip it all. Are you an Instant gratification type person, whom then loves and enjoy their solitude. Just like they told us in Kindergarten, "Everyone individually is SPECIAL" I think our teachers were right.
Each person, myself included in this world, enjoys different aspects of life. Should your mate, girlfriend or date have similar interests? Or should Opposites attract?
Do you wish you were dating? Do married people still go on dates? What do they do to keep their love strong? Sometimes I think people remain in relationships they disgust, just because they don't enjoy the Single process and lifestyle? What do you think?
Have your happiest moments in life come been single or with that special someone and mate for the time being?
Thanks for your comments and brutal honesty. We can take it. The truth is fantastic! Let's all remain OPEN MINDFUL to the modern day dynamics of dating and relationships,


Anonymous said…
1, 2, X
Hmm interesting comment a little vague, but....
Bella Collins said…
This is an interesting post. I am also a teenager gay guy and I have just found best Gay Hookup app for finding decent date partners. I am currently involved with one guy on this app and we both have similar interests and thinking. I hope this date will turn to a lifelong relation too.

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