Anticipation. Is it worth it? Anticipation will either get you hyped up for a life event in a positive way, or it may let you down.
Today, I'm wondering if the potential future "Life events" for me, and their anticipation will be fantastic? Or will they just let me down.
For example, if I ever got married, would that be spectacular or would it let me down. In the event of a planned fatherhood, would being a dad, and having a child be rewarding, OR would that let me down. Would being rich do the trick? Or would that let me down? Would traveling the world be mind boggling? Or would that let me down?
Do you see where I am going with this?
In talking about ANTICIPATION, sometimes it is worth the HYPE. Often times it is not. For example, the anticipation of your band's live music show, only to be let down by the performance. Or perhaps your favorite athletic or alumni team, whom shows promise, but loses.
How do you feel about the whole Anticipation element of life?
One of my friends reminded me of the "grass is always greener on the other side philosophy". For example, one wants what they do not already possess. For example, the kept man, lusts to be single. The Single man lust for the perfect, beautiful girlfriend. You see the juxataposition? Another example, is in work-life. Some people think a perfect job is out there, when perhaps the one that currently have, is alright.
Obviously, as humans we should be OPEN MINDFUL to the best, new opportunities and life in general. Yet the Anticipation is sometimes worth it, while other times it is not.
Dear OPEN MINDFUL readership, please comment and tell me what "life events" are NOT worth it. Thus you'll save me the trip and problems. On the flip side, what life events do I have to Look Forward to? Thanks!


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