"Open Mindful, Philosophy on the Fly" The Book, Now Published....

"Open Mindful, Philosophy on the Fly" The Published Book.
Now Active and For Sale in Local Austin Bookstores, coming soon to a marketplace near you. Also for sale on LuLu.com. Coming soon to Amazon. com
Click here for a direct link to a 2015 LIVE HOUSTON RADIO AM 950 Interview with Talk Host, Dave Outlaw and Author George Vance McGee
About Outlaw Dave. Radio Host.
Be the voice of reason, in the sea of insanity. If you see a wrong, make it a right. If you get a chance to help a fellow human being, just do it. We're all part of this crazy, human, terminal experience and it may not seem this way to you, but the universe is unfolding exactly how it should be. And I know it to be true because I find myself living in a community of like-minded individuals who all have the same hopes, fears, dreams and ideals and I have. And together we can better this a better place to live.
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