Energy...Daytime & Night Time

Energy? Human Energy? Where do we get it from? It is internal? Why is sleep required for our bodies and natural well being? Isn't it enjoyable?

As the continuation of daily life in New York City and the Big Apple inches along, am realizing how valuable of a commodity energy is. I believe it is healthy and better fron oneself to get the proper amount of rest. Your brain functions, and you most probably look and feel better. Thus, each new action is improved and enhanced? Agree?

In this environment of caffeine, people walking right past each other, subways whizzing us from neighborhood to neighborhood, sometimes I long for the peace and tranquility where constant energy is not a necessity. Perhaps a city, island, rural area, or spot in the world, where idleness, peace and normalcy is viewed as desirable.

On a personal note, have started a new opportunity with as a consultant, agent and contributor to the company. Check out the website and information if you would like and have the time. It is an excellent, ambitious group of people, in a helpful, professional environment. An opportunity that time will tell? If I can be of service let me know.

Enjoy your daily energy or idleness???


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