As the days continue to trickle, I was recently and happily surprised when I received, not 1,but 2 New York State income tax refunds in the mail. The checks were immediately deposited, and the SATURDAY was given new vigor.

With new found energy, the awarded funds were quickly put to use in my favorite neighborhoods of Soho and Nolita downtown. While, at the lounge, Cafe Select, pleasantly chatted a fellow traveler and Texan from Dallas. I sported the "hook 'em" horns sign, and his party graciously gave me a courtesy round on the house. I felt like a true local!

After taking the NRW back to the apt in Midtown West, programmed with some Miller Lite. It honestly was great taste, and less filling. From there the night continued to a promoter's new venue in Nolita. I greeted a friend, Allison, there and EASILY got us in. This was a relief after, personally questioning my skills during a previous nights excursion and moderate success.

Well, the night was rowdy, the girls were pretty, and the table was thumping. I got compliments on my style and should have given away more of my contacts cards, as a reference.

From there, the next venue was at a downstairs cavern and lair in the same neighborhood. The crowd was hipster, young, and surprisingly affluent. I jammed to a favortie Cut Copy song, the the dj was kind to play. Did he know, I was in the house?

As the next week begins, continue the treks, work, cultural and life adventures in New York City. What you got? Can you beat this one??


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