The Break, Counter and Flip Side...

Well in this epic, timely and well deserved break and return to Texas, honestly have enjoyed it! My thoughts and perceptions were that it would be a peaceful, oasis and break from the speed and pace of NYC. Yet, in actuality the rowdiness and vibrant culture, nightlife, and hectic style continued.

The weather has been warm, the people friendly, the shops more economical and the spaces bountiful. The wide lands of the state, even the downtown buildings are evident. Either biking or walking the territory and city by foot, takes effort and is vast enough.

As I write this, just being in a house, with a lot and yard is quite amazing and splendid. There is grass, trees, birds, nature, and unobstructed sunlight. The sunny, pretty days, give an aura to the soul for a general well being.

In addition, the citizenry is attractive as well. The girls are cute, wholesome, good looking, and are worthy to those in the counterpart mecca.

In a recent happening, attended a sporting event at my university Alma matter. Upon visiting and speaking with the fellow alumni was glad to hear of their successes, far ranging destinations and life travels. They have taken their knowledge and talents to locations, throughout the country and United States. I was glad to mix it up amongst them.

Overall, a positive experience, trip, place to live and new time frame in life.


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