Goodness Gracious....

Entertainment and excitement continue to arrive in ample amounts, here in New York City. The diversity, pace and all is welcomed. All walks and classes of people, encompass the island and neighboring areas.

In recent developments, have been continuing to make effort at the elite private travel company and mix with the fellow associates. Again, it is a genuine place to make business efforts and develop towards mind boggling proportions.

In so far as adventures, this weekend went to view a bud's comedy show in the East Village. I got free entry at the door and laughed through all the performances and sets. They say laughter is good for the soul and your health. I would agree!

In another evidence of truth, continue to be embrace and have fun with promotional friends. They are courteous, professional, friendly and cool! They hook me and the sometimea entourage that chooses to join and partake. One event was at a swanky, music video like venue. While the next, merely minutes and moments away, had me transplanted into a dance crazed, hookah bar with smoke, girls, and flowing music. So good.

Included in all these excursions, was a day trip to Williamsburg, where the best brunch ever was had! It had all the elements, sports, cute waitresses, music, food, beverages, service, ambiance, and it was budget MINDED.

Obviously this ride is happily still in DRIVE. As the days, flow simply want to improve, heighten, and continue. A goals is too have more money and friends to play and experiences these times with!!!


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