WAR, let's think about it

Are you OPEN MIDNFUL to WAR. Can war, military action & all ever used for positives? Do you view war, and violence as negatives? Are you a peaceful "Ghandi" type, or are you Action oriented to pro-military violence?
This topic is relatively current, as the unruly, murderous, child killing dictatorship in SYRIA continues to rear its head in the real world. Personally, the thought of a government tyrant whom kills its own people and children is just awful! We could never even contemplate something like that happening here in the USA.
Should the UNITED STATES of AMERICA continue to be the World's policemen? Should we help the Syrian citizenry, and continue to be advocates for our model democracy? What do you think?
For me personally, this is a tough choice. Peace or violence. Normally I would choose peace. Also in Syria, it's really their problem. It's like a divorce, just get out of the way, and let it blow up and end. Why don't the Syria people just flee the country, and move? They could all vacate and relocate. The earth is large right? Then their wouldn't be any people for the Syrian president to screw over?
So, what do you think? What is your opinion? Are you OPEN MINDFUL to war? violence? Or to peaceful abstinence?


Anonymous said…
did you know that the original title for tolstoy's "war and peace" was "war, what is it good for?"
Anonymous said…
A good follow up discussion could be "Open Minded to Biological Weapons". And, a hard hitting interview with a real life, human, Syria person would be interesting.

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