Willing to Move with the TECHnology times?

Every day is a new day. Every moment is fresh and progressive, as the world continues to turn and spin. With this newness and time comes discovery and EVOLUTION. Today's subject is discussing your OPEN MINDFUL attitudes towards technologies, both new and old.
For example depending on your age, and demographic, your views on technology differ. For example, in present day time, all youths are more likely to be familiar with social media, smart phones, and computers. Older citizens for example still write checks and look for their regular postal hard copy envelope mail. It seems every day, that the technology sector is pitching us their latest efforts. Whether society, grasps and accepts it to MAINSTREAM culture, is the viewpoint barometer.
Are you OPEN MINDFUL to new and different technology?
For example, some current mainstream technology acceptance that I have noticed is the use of the internet, computers, email and slowly but surely, social media. Social media seems to resonate with the 35 and under generation, but again, is slowly gaining more mainstream acceptance.
So are you stuck in your ways? Would you rather just call someone on a real phone and talk? Do you prefer text messages? Something else?
Personally, I feel like a savy progressive technology real world person. Yet in my opinion do feel Twitter is overated, & instagram is for kids and giggly girls. How do you feel? Do you move forward with technology or chill stagnant in your comfort zones? Am I forgetting or omitting some tech form out?
Well, remember the United States is a free country, and as long as you follow it's laws your "cool". Do what works and you enjoy! But perhaps, let's remain OPEN MINDFUL to new & old technologies, you might love it?


Anonymous said…
what the fuck is the internet?

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