DO you like to be entertained? IF your human, most people do and enjoy laughter, muses, lights and more. Just like the Kings and Jesters of yesteryear, in the modern age, we love ENTERTAINMENT too!
Are you OPEN MINDFUL to different forms on entertainment? Which are your favorites? For example, off of the top of my head, I can think of books, live music, movies, television, broadway shows, bars & nightclubs, restaurants, stores, shopping malls, stand up comics, vacations, social media, friends, and the such. Am I leaving your favorite form out?
Personally, I am open minded to various forms of entertainment. I love tv, live music, and nightlife. Yet, as the entertainment field changes and morphs, could be up for anything fresh? What are your favorite forms? Do you abstain from entertainment? Could this even be possible?
In so as fas as an industry, would ENTERTAINMENT be fun to work in? Recently a fellow local Austinite, mentioned, I should try out ACTING for a year. It was a legit idea, and something, in this life, I have not made a run at yet. What do you think? Is giving a year long shot at acting in Los Angeles worth it?
Thanks for reading, for your comments, and let's remain OPEN MINDFUL to our ENTERTAINING world!


Anonymous said…
Yes, you should move away.
Thanks for the mind opening insight. You must be smart, with a lengthy thoughtful comment like that.
Thanks for the mind opening insight. You must be smart, with a lengthy thoughtful comment like that.
Anonymous said…
I don't think its possible to abstain from entertainment, at least in some sort, mode, or medium.
Anonymous said…
Entertainment is a main source of inspiration. Its art, whether its through film, performance, dancing, singing... Films are one of the most powerful, I feel.
The most recent one Ive seen is "Gravity". I went in w/ no expectations - just to be open minded and experience it. The impact was significant. Its about the human spirit, love, life, survival, perseverance, persistence, courage .. you name it - and it all takes place in space. It was moving to say the least.
Anonymous said…
entertained by this blog!?
Anonymous said…
You don't need to move to L.A. for acting. Join a local local theatre group in Austin or take some classes. Sounds fun. Try it.

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