What's your OUTLOOK on LIFE?

The age old mantra of, "Is the glass HALF FULL or HALF empty?" How does your view of the world and outlook on life appear? Do you awake with a positive vibe on the news, finances, relationships, health and such? OR, are you a skeptic, a person who does not trust easily or is naturally pessimistic?
Personally in general, I can be characterized as a POSITIVE, OPTIMISTIC SOUL, whom leans towards taking an even-keel approach. Perhaps this "half full" outlook is derived from my summer of selling books door to door in Northeast Arkansas for the Southwestern Company. It was the most challenging, unique, rewarding, helpful, and worst summer of my entire life. It taught me sales skills, and to brush off face to face rejection. No longer does rejection personally injure or hurt me. There are PLENTY of Fish in the sea.
Another example of brushing of defeat and staying positive is when you get fired, either by a client, company, significant other, girlfriend, or something. While living in New York City, and as a growing adult, people should realize, life is not as easy as the child-hood storybooks. Sometimes it can be rosy and peachy, yet just not always.
But how do you feel? What is your daily outlook on the world? Do you see it as ever improving, or a couple more mistakes (uhh humm cough our USA government) from shamble, problems and duress.
With whom do tend to surround yourself with as friends, partner, mates and such. Do you prefer the company of go-getter positive, working people OR, the disparaged, negative, pessimistic, downer type? OR is there a healthy MIX? Could a person's outlook on life be a mix juxtaposed between the sunny and dark lights?
Thanks for your honest, sincere, comments and opinions. Regardless of your OUTLOOK on LIFE, let's ALL remain OPEN MINDFUL to it!


Anonymous said…
I love this post. I am actually one to interact w/ a broad mix of others. I have an affinity for wild ideas and diverse/dynamic people from all walks of life. I'm around a lot of people a lot but I also like to be on my own to be able to meet strangers, reinvent myself in a way. But I guess u can always do that no matter if w: friends or strangers. Thanks for the thoughts. It's fun to look back thru past experiences/relationships/circumstances and appreciate them. It can be revealing to who we are at our core and humbling to allow growth to happen over time, even when it is sometimes painful or challenging to fully understand. Penetrating old perspectives and evolving a new one is almost always worth it.
Anonymous said…
I think you can create anything out of nothing. The past belongs in the past, and this is it - RIGHT NOW. All there is to do is acknowledge those that I've hurt, forgive the ones that have hurt me and embrace this moment. I think thats why Tomorrow can always be better than Today, depending on where you are in life. Its what u make it. Love, live,and let live.

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