Daytime Vs. Nightime..Who Wins?

Have you ever noticed that there are 2 different distinct human cultures in regards to, "what time of day it is?" I mean, you could walk down the street at 2 o'clock in the afternoon and it is quiet, normal and calm. That same exact city street at 11 pm, and a different vibrant world erupts!
Do you ever notice the major differences between daytime culture and night time culture? Which do you enjoy more? Which do you work in? Who wins in Day Vs. Night?
In my experience, I have worked both time frame jobs & hours (I personally helped run the OVERNIGHT, 11 am to 7 am, shift at a Luxury Hotel in the Meatpacking District of NYC) yet currently work a predominately, DAYTIME job, in residential real estate.
In general I have noticed and would charaterize DAYTIME with the following themes. Daytime tends to lend more to the formal, sober, straight forward, working world. From 9 am until 5 pm, it seems to me as though people are on a mission to produce, stay focused and earn money. People are less talkative, flirty and wear concealing, boring, unattractive clothing. The physical daytime itself can be BEAUTIFUL! The sun shines and exposes all of earth's magnificence, it's hills, rivers, lake, oceans, and human-made tall buildings. The Daytime life flows in High Definition, like an HD TV show. All of daytime is visible, exposed and out there to be viewed. Daytime is a fine and normal entity.
Conversely, Night time is an vastly different world. When night time commences, the vibe and culture of humanity drastically changes. When night hits, the fashion and clothing styles become more provocative. Some people then take cover at home, while others come out to play! Society, people and the city itself, thus in turn "puts its make-up on." Nightime brings big dinners, meals, wine, merriment & a relaxing joy for festivities underneath the dark sky. People become lucid, jovial, engaging, and willing to just "mix it up." Their inhibitions are weakened, thus the thirst for life is opened for FUN!. The negatives of overjoy during the nighttime, is that it can often painfully linger into the next day. Ugghh. Yet sometimes night time's spontaneous JOY also remains fantastically present too!
So how do you feel? Are these accurate depictions of the culture and style of DAYTIME Vs. NIGHTIME? Are you OPEN MINDFUL to being a mix, hybrid or both? Which wins? Do you lean more towards one or the other? Let's remain OPEN MINDFUL and enjoy both the daytime and the night-time!


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