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I was thinking about writing and naming this article, "Addiction." Then I realized that addiction is characterized as a negative thing.
Would you agree that addiction tends to lead to negative consequences? For example, some words or themes that come to mind in regards to addiction, are people whom become addicted to cigarettes (equals death) drugs (equals death) work, (loss of family, spouse and loved ones) alcohol,(sickness, loss of liver) shopping (loss of money) & diet. (loss of muscle & weight)
So in general the term addiction, con-notates negative sentiments and themes.
That is why, this OPEN MINDFUL entry is titled, "Moderation is the answer" Recently and personally, I myself, am trying to scale back a rather extreme lifestyle of work and play. Thus in turn, lower down the crazy. For example, if your life has you going 60 miles per hour, metaphorically, try 30 miles per hour. That is my suggestion for the day.
This philosophical thought of the day, is that MODERATION in life is the answer! For example, make an effort to balance all factors of your life. Take the time to handle and deal with your spiritual life, your love life, your work life, your exercise and healthy life, and also your fun & entertaining life.
Have you ever noticed that things done occasionally, tend to remain SPECIAL? If overused, the same thing loses its luster?
What do you think? Is Moderation the answer?
Thanks for your thoughts, comments, and honest opinions.


Ahkenaten Kor said…
Moderation does seem to he the answer to many our problems. As human beings, we tend to over-indulge on things we shouldn't, and not just food. It seems as if nature understands that we are idiots and makes sure there are penalties for our addictions and gluttony. But moderation and self control gi hand in hand, so I think a better statement would be that self control is the answer... excellent post
great comment. thanks. keep reading, "open mindful"

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