Indoor Versus Outdoors...

Are you an INDOOR or an OUTDOOR person?
In general do your prefer, controlled climates, comfortable furniture, clean space, internet, cable and television. If you are an indoor person, what is your favorite indoor activity?
Or are you an outdoor adventurer, whom enjoys hitting the trails, natural swimming pools, walking the edgy streets, lakes, and mountain tops? If you are an outdoor person, what excites you about nature, fresh air and life?
There is no wrong answer here. Both are fine, as we probably are ALL a combination of them both. Let's remain OPEN MINDFUL to different ways, activities, and methods to live both indoors and outdoors.
Personally, as a city slicker, I'm a hybrid. I truly do enjoy INDOOR air conditioning, art, cable television, privacy, internet, my bed, and the peaceful confines of a clean interior living space.
Yet, I also really enjoy getting outdoors and mixing it up to. For example personally, my favorite outdoor activities are attacking the hike & bike trail on my ride, sporting events, swimming in the numerous pools around the city, and attending various cafes & shops in the city. I also love getting out at night to mix it up, see a concert, be around lively people and just have fun.
Does our OPEN MINDFUL readership have any suggestions on ways to LIVE both indoors and outdoors? Am I missing something? Have you discovered a new activity that you are a super fan of, or you would recommend?
Let's remember to remain OPEN MINDFUL to both the indoors and outdoors. Don't be a hermit, and don't get TOO sunburned out there. You can have both!


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