Your Evolving Body....

Are you the reader, OPEN MINDFUL to the constantly evolving body? Through the course of life, we all undergo a vast and amazing physical metamorphosis.
From an initial baby birth weight of around 8 pounds, to full grown adult-hood, we can admit there are some major human changes and growth that occurs in a lifetime.
Are you progressive, and willing to happily accept the state of your current figure, tone and frame? Or, are you wrongfully fixated on the past or future? (For example, the high school physique, the model years, youth and manhood, the future-image post diet)
Personally, I have been 6 foot tall and 1 inch since, I was just a 16 year old adolescent. I am grateful for it! Thanks parental units, especially mom. It helped immensely in making the varsity basketball team, as a sophomore, playing lacrosse at the university level & STILL in athletics to this present day.
6 foot 3 is probably the ideal height for a male, but I'm not going to daydream or nitpick about it. At least I can still fit into normal clothes, cars, planes, & am not the "awkward" guy at the rock concert. One girl recently and specifically told me she was only interested in men 6 foot 4 inches and taller. Really, that is what she said. This specific girl has chosen to carry a very finely dissected comb, with limited options for herself. According to Google, the "Percent of USA men that are 6'-2" or taller is just 3.9% out of 100%. At least I stayed classy, & refrained from calling her a bigfoot female freak. I digress.
Moving forward, the overall theme of this OPEN MINDFUL entry, is to remain OPEN MINDFUL. Be considerate of yourself and others changing figures and body types, please. For example, you may fluctuate in weight, strength and size. It's okay, no worries. Your partner and lover mate may fluctuate in size as well. It's okay.
Personally, I have been in "manmode" for quite some time. My weight in high school peaked at 160 pounds. Today as a full grown man, it hovers between 205 and 215 pounds. I no longer fit inside Medium sized shirts. I must buy a LARGE. No doubt about that anymore. Back in the day, when I was a 25 year old model running around NYC, the managers told me to sport just mediums.
So how do you feel? Can we as an OPEN MINDFUL readership, seek peace, solace, and comfort in the fact that everyone has their own unique, evolving and BEAUTIFUL body. I hope we as a SOCIETY can learn to embrace and see the diverse joy, beauty and glory in ALL BODY types! Do you agree?


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