So the last time I checked there are only 2 types of sexes in the current human race. Male and Female. Of course there are similarities, but also differences.
Lets talk about those.
In my humble opinion, I think girls, ladies and women are WONDERFUL! In my entire life, I have never really been wrong or abnormally scorned by one. Perhaps if I had been truly pained by a female, I would be less of an advocate on thier behalf? I speak as a gentlemen, whom was raised extremely well, and have kept those core values over the decades. Catilian in 5th grade and everything. I recall while living in NYC, when I used to offer to walk girls to the subway in the morning, how saint-like they thought I was. They must have unfortunately grown accustomed to the deuchebag/aholes dudes. They say you can physically take the gentlemen out of the "South" but not the "South" out of the gentlemen. This may actually be true!
Yet with all of their wonder, it surprises me how different each wonderful lady can be? Every girl has their own unique style, figure, body type, personality, vibe, outlook, and sense of the world. This uniqueness is so refreshing. If girls were all same, or arrived packaged in robotic form, that would be VERY lame. Don't you agree?
Every girl, lady and woman is unique in their own way. They may be foreign, they may be a mom, they may be a college girl, they may be a twenty-something, they me be a divorcee, they may a hippie, they may be a bookworm, they may be the party girl. The possibilities are endless.
Sometimes I wonder, what girls really think about me? They are not as shallow as we are. Sometimes they tell you, and sometimes they don't. Do you ever wonder what kind of image and vibe you present to the world and opposite sex? Obviously, one would try to present their uptmost best self if possible. I am always open to suggestions for improvement.
Anyways. Girls are rad, and I'd like thank the powers that be, for putting them here on this Earth for us to mingle with. Peace out!


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