The COST of Life....

Do you think expensive things and a luxury lifestyle is really worth it? Are you OPEN MINDFUL to a variety of lifestyles & real world costs? I mean, just because something is "luxury" and you can afford it, does that mean you should purchase it? Is is better to live the big grand life or the manageable, modest, one?
I don't know. Do you? I've never ownned a company, hit the lottery, or sold a tech start-up like Mark Cuban.
Personally, I wonder sometimes if luxury is really worth it? It might be? I do know LIFE is way more fun, enjoyable and confident, when your "in the chips" or "flush with dough and cash" Personally, I've had the highs, lows, and normal times like most people probably. I'd bet you can relate. For example, I recall getting laid-off from a super-corporate company one time, and being so relieved. Afterwards, I got to collect unemployment checks and take a hiatus from the rat race. Keep in mind, this time period was during the recession of 2008 when President Bush II's tenure was ending, jobs were scarce and the economy sucked! Collecting unemployment had it's pros and cons. The pros were you got paid not to work. The cons were, you were barely making it by & did not have tons of "date" or extra money at all.
I've also more recently had the opportunity to be a bit more affluent. For example, when I got on a roll & sold 2 large, fine homes in Central Austin. or when I sold my first big "Silent Market" deal in Deep Eddy. On those closing days, you just feel like a king! You feel as happy as a lark. The world is your oyster and no insult could hurt you. Any venue, shop, place, store, restaurant or bar is within RANGE. Somehow you become better looking too?
In general, on this topic I think, I'm going to vote for more $$$ and the luxurious life, if at all possible On the flip side, Warren Buffet, one of the richest CEOS and men in the world, still lives in Nebraska, calls a moderate-sized house home, and drives a regular car. How do you feel about the cost of life?
I think in our American Capitalist, consumerism world, one should take more time to ponder on how to use their spending dollar? Should you or I be living in a different city? Should we adjust our lifestyle and purchasing choices? Or should we just go BIG!
Let's be OPEN MINDFUL to the economics of the Cost of LIFE.


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