New Vigor

The energy continues to amaze, as the weather warms up and the spring season settles in. People continue to cruise the streets with a happier and more joyful bounce to their step. The sunshine, diversity and plethora of shopping, dining, and living options is boundless. Each neighborhood has its own unique feel.

Recently while being out and about caught eyes and ran into a previous girlfriend from Russia. She invited me to sit with her and her friend. She was the same wonderful and plea sent girl, I recalled. Her foreign English accent was fun and different. Her friend was from Alabama. I mentioned my home states somber feel, towards the most recent National Championship outcome.

As the evening advanced, I cruised 3rd avenue, and witnessed the bountiful amount of people, different restaurants and places. The east side was similar, yet just a fun as the west side. No discrimination here.

I posed a question to a fellow walker, "How comes there's no East Side Highway?" He mentioned, "it's just not as pretty." Well my thought was the city should create an east one as well, the river and bridges are epic and wonderful in their own way.


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