Still Rolling....

Well, the days in New York City continue to hum along. In addition, the pace grows as the SUN starts to shed its face and fall upon the masses. It is fantastic!

There are times, when the scenery almost takes my breath away. Sometimes, it has the power to literally stop me in my tracks and cause a head to be turned.

Recently, provided some temporary help and work to a New York City firm. We held an international conference at the Sheraton Hotel on 53rd and 7th. In my opinion it was elegant and positive. We were "people brokers" and helped introduce established and wonderful companies to potential financial "buyers" for their stock and firms. Although there could have been more attendees, overall is was a beneficial and enjoyable time.

I recently played as host to a new friend from Montreal. She was a welcoming blend of French, European and American culture, rolled into one bundle of joy and happiness. As a southern boy-man, hospitality, courtesy and friendliness comes naturally. Overall, she had a splendid time, and this made me feel like, I performed a good deed. A bit like KARMA if you will?

As the weekend approaches, I look forward to meeting more new people, continuing to enjoy the nightlife scene and overall be healthy and enjoy life. It does not take much to create happiness for me! What if I was just a tad more ambitious? It would be dangerous in a preferred way.



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