New Perceptions & Mutual respect

Recently this past weekend, was the Pride Parade and celebration in the city. This barrage of people, eccentric characters, and lifestyles is a unique culture and segment of our society.

The neighborhoods of Chelsea and the West Village were inundated with people, barricades,activity and more. It seems as though everyone participated, whether they were gay, straight or whatever. True, Open Mindedness.

In a discussion with a fellow human, in the evening we discussed the gay rights and advancements in our society, world and culture. He seemed to feel as though there was not as much equality and progress made as there should be. I agreed, with him that it is valid issue, modern and prevalent topic in our society.

In so far as it's progress, reminded him that yes, The United States is a free country, with liberty and justice for all. We both agreed, amongst other numerous wonderful reasons, this freedom makes America great and attractive to foreigners as well.

I suggested and correlated the issue of modern day gay rights, to those of Rosa Parks and African Americans in the 1950's. It takes action, and progress, albeit not as quickly as some may want to, to morph and further our culture.

Although, I myself and comfortable with my heterosexuality, am understanding and courteous of others and their individuality and beliefs.

It was an interesting, and FUN day.


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