Summer Time....

Well ladies and gentlemen, the Summer Spectacular has officially hit.

The weather is impeccable and downright utopia-like at times. The human pace and energy continues to be brisk, and addicting. Yes, it can be addicting! Sometimes, you forget that your walking directly past people in a close proximity. Either way, it's sort of a rush. Enjoyable! There are moments, when a beautiful girl walks past, that I stop to grasp the moment and admire this breathlessness. It is the whole human spectrum of life that inhabits the island of Manhattan. The "Darwinist" vibes force us to make efforts to prevail. These vibes and feelings are genuine, provacative and at moments cumbersome.

In other news, amidst a recent exchange while sitting at the "Bow Tie," a nickname for the TKS steps in Times Square, struck up an engaging conversation with a gorgeous girl from Italy. She was beautiful, eccentric and intelligent. Her various beliefs included that she was agnostic in religion, did not believe in marriage, yet was open to having children and ultimately preferred the antique feel of Europe, to the newness and size of New York City. In addition, she was well traveled in the various neighborhoods, telling of nightime adventures at Fat Baby and more in the Lower East Side. Yes, a likable one, indeed. Although I offered to speak Spanish, which is relatively similar to Italian, her English was pretty to pay attention to.

Day and Night here has molded together into an ongoing adventure and journey. It is one, that I hope continues for at least, the Summer Time....


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