Out and About

Memorial Weekend has passed and summer is officially here. The weekend free days, energy, and happiness level could be felt all over. New York City continues to provide the pace, and welcoming joys that people appreciate and embrace being a part of.

In so far as the adventures, undertaken there are plenty to talk about. While in the West Village, was able to meet a birthday girl at a local venue. She was cute, bubbly and having fun in her moment. In addition, her friends were comforting, attractive, caring and friendly. I invited them all back to Midtown West with me. Yet we ended up in a West Village apartment listening to her record player. There were a plethora of options, yet we went through Elton John, Jimi Hendrix and more.

The next evening was able to play host to one of my younger brother's friends from England. We exchanged numbers through facebook and met up on St. Marks. After a few crawls, we visited a club as well. She was overwhelmed by the club. The next day, I showed her the water and the Westside Highway. We got some sun, and walked a portion of the lengthy and exercise friendly path.

The following evening was a wonderful night in the Lower East Side. Again, the nightlife is superb and each venue has it's own unique scene and feel. Easy to bounce around until the perfect spot is located.

As I sit in the Flatiron District, am reminded of previous life experiences, yet glad to be in familiar terrain. On ward and upward!


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