Open Mindful to Friends?

Do we as individuals, really need friends in our lives? What roles do friends, and other people play in one's life and society? Is having multiple and groups of friends a stage? Are friends a valuable commodity and requirement for a fulfilling life? Could we be happy and enjoy life without friends?
For example clients, unlike friends can help you create money, wealth and provide for your life, family and well being. Friends usually don't bring money into your life. Actually, having friends means spending more money on numerous, fun, friendly activities. Are clients more important than friends? When your a child growing up in school, friends seems to have a more vital role. The more friends a kid has in elementary, middle, high school and college helps their popularity, personality, image and overall social life. Yet, as we age, and gravitate towards jobs, professions, careers, wife, girlfriend, family and more, do friends still claim relevance? How important should friends be in adulthood? Is there a "Magic Number" of friends to have? For example 3, 5, 10, 25? In my personal opinion, I enjoy having friends, yet also enjoy being a "lone ranger" throughout life as well. With TV, Sports, Exercise, Movies, Entertainment, Restaurants and all, it is actually quite easy to enjoy a day cruised solo as well. . My opinion and views on friendship, is that friendship IS important, valuable and endearing. Yet confident, single citizen life is positive and welcoming too. Always remember, you as an individual are the BOSS, and not to offset or gauge your worth on the wavering opinions of others. Just do You, and the leaves will fall in to place. Let's remain OPEN MINDFUL to the variety of roles in friendship.


Anonymous said…
my truck helps me make money...friend or client? positive and welcoming too.
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A truck is an object

Clients and friends are human

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