How do we get there? Open Mindful with Transportation?

There are a number of ways, we as fellow humans transport ourselves from one destination to the other. Whether you are going somewhere for a work commute, visiting a friend's place, traveling, or exploring our world, there are a multitude of ways to get there. Let's discuss! Which method of movement is the most economical? efficient? Which mode of transportation is the coolest? the Healthiest? Some obvious transportation examples that come to mind include using a regular car, walking, train, bicycle, subway, plane, moped, motorcycle, cab, bus, boat, pedicab, limousine, hybrid car, the segway, and more I'm sure. Feel free to add on. What is your favorite or preferred method? Recently I asked a client if she minded the windy drive to a particular neighborhood. She proclaimed, it was fair, pleasant, easy going & bearable. Personally, I am an avid believer & fan of walking. It would be my #1 vote for the best transportation method. With walking it is healthy and also easy to manage, change and navigate. Another major plus is being more connected to society and the environment. For example you can gauge and admire, different shops, stores, spaces, nature and fellow pedestrians. One of my favorite walking stories is that once, I walked by and met a wonderful new pretty girl on 4th & Bowery in NYC, next to B-Bar. We made eye contact, instantly connected, made out, and successfully dated afterwards for quite some time. She was a solid former girlfriend! What is one of your better transportation stories? Also, in my opinion, the motorcycle is the least desirable form of transportation. It's negatives include the aspect of danger, injury, wind resistance, lack of storage, and mean tough guy stereotypes. What do you think? How do you enjoy moving about? Are you a
car & gas chugging person? A Jet Setter? a Subway Navigating type? To summarize, let's ALL remain OPEN MINDFUL to various forms of transportation. Perhaps we ought to mix it up, keep it fresh, and yes, be OPEN MINDFUL to different transportation modes.


Regina Hampson said…
San Francisco San Francisco Limo Service and Cab Service provide for dedicated use to business executives and travelers in the California Bay Area. We offer the highest quality transportation services, at reasonable rates, without sacrificing your comfort or safety.
Does sf still have above ground "trolleys" are the fully functional or historic? Aka above ground subways? Are they electric? Useful?
Anonymous said…
rickshaw, unicycle, roller blades, skateboard, cane, walker, and even more probably!
Anonymous said…
i'm open mindful to slavery
Hmmm, roller blades...very "Westside Highway" and Elementary school bday parties...
Anonymous said…
What do you think about travel by Tank? Instant respect everywhere you go... Also if any hippies mess with you, you can run them over and not even notice.
Hhm by can as a consumer its the car slash suv called, "the hummer"

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