Open Minded to Style & Fashion?

Do you ever feel you've been typecast-ed by your own personal style? Are you committed and married to a certain fashion mode? For example, the preppy polo look, the edgy casual hipster, the earthy hippie, the married boring chick, the sorority girl, or the khaki business person motif? Are you comfortable in what your freedom of style means to you? Or are you "OPEN MINDED" to attempting different looks? For example a girl who cuts off all her hair, for the buzz cut, "i.e, the sexy Natalie Portman or Anne Hathaway" Another example, would be girls whom will wear various different skirts and dresses. This to me, is always viewed positively. On the male side are we open minded to trying different styles? Do you ever feel stuck in your ways? Is your closet frozen in the 1990's or is it evolving? Could you be considered adventurous when it comes to fashion? With all of the diversity in fashion among-st various age ranges and geographic areas, being OPEN MINDED to new fashions and clothing may prove advantageous? Personally, I am an avid GQ magazine reader, and once while walking through Bryant Park on 42nd street in Manhattan, met Jim Nelson, the Editor in Chief of the magazine. We had a fun talk about the magazine, youthful demographics, fashion, politics, and Bill Murray. Yet no matter the weather, I try to remain OPEN MINDED to new fashion, style and excellent ways to present oneself to society.
Shouldn't we all?


Anonymous said…
what about crossdressers?
Personally i am not a fan of either sex crossdressing...but it is a free country..if you DO decide to go for it...stay in style!
Anonymous said…
Open Minded? Don't you mean Open Mindful?? Thoughts, Comments, Questions, concerns?

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