How Important is Money In Life, People and in Society? Got the Funds?

If you and I were to rank items of things in importance to Life, how important would possessing plenty of money, $$$ be??
For example, would you rather have pristine health or more money? Would you rather be attractive and good looking or have more money? Would you prefer to have a fantastic, girlfriend or more money? Would you like to have a job you enjoyed or a more painful job that was financially more lucrative? Would you rather work and live in a city you loved, or move to another city where you would earn more $$$? Is having a loving family important or do you wish you were a "Hilton" " Rockefeller" or a "Zuckenberg" trust fun kid?
If this barrage of questions seems overbearing, then it is meant to be. Personally, I wish I knew the answers. Yet each person in this world is different, along with their individual scales of importance.
Overall, money of course is a very vital necessity to human survival on this earth and planet. Food, shelter, and clothing are never ending requirements to an enjoyable survival. How important is excess? Luxury? Would more money and luxury equal a better life? Would you be happier? Would you date someone or not because of money? Do you judge others by their presumed monetary levels?
In my humble opinion, money is simply a means to a lifestyle. As long as the basics of life are enabled and cared for, one can always be striving for more Monetary wealth. To summarize, let's remain open mindful to the varieties of wealth and also how, and what forms it may enter into our lives.


Anonymous said…
is zuckenberg the twitter guy? i thought it, was zuckerberg with an 'r'. think his kids are on linkdin?
Anonymous said…
I'll take the trust fund kid option screw having a good family
Thanks for the comments. I don't think Zuckerburg has kids yet, he's the facebook creator

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