Open Mindful to Religion?

Is Religion a beneficial thing? Are you Religious? Is it even real? How do you feel about God, Faith and Religion? Are you Open Mindful to different faiths? As a casual christian and raised, confirmed Catholic, have been paying attention to the Pope's resignation. I have even visited the Vatican City, and entered the Sistine Chapel, while visiting Rome.
I think we can all understand. At the age of 85 or whatever, the Previous Pope was simply too old and unfit for the job. Yes, even being the Pope is a job. Also, all of the sexual, disgusting inappropriate crimes of the clergy, cardinals and Catholic hierarchy is just disgusting and really deters me even further from the church. What do you think?
Personally, although I currently do not practice or attend Church, DO believe in God and heaven.
A paraphrased quote on religion that has stood with me over time came from a friend's older brother at Nau's Pharmacy over a lunch. On practicing religion, he stated that he enjoyed church and the religious experience and that even IF if wasn't real, religion at least enhances your soul, kindness, heart and overall aura and sincerity.
So how do you feel about religion? Are you Christian, Mormon, Buddhist, Jewish, or none of the above. Let's remain OPEN MINDFUL to the subject of religion.


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