What is your personal GOLDEN AGE?

As a liberal arts history major, and an alive human entering my 3rd decade of breathable life, am curious as to what your favorite ERAs' are or were?
Personally, although I was born in the 1980's feel very little connection to this decade. My memories are as common as yours. For me, I recall the "Say No to Drugs" Campaign, the Techno-like synthesizer music of Madonna and Depeche Mode, and also the classic NBA rivalry between Larry Bird of the Boston Celtics versus Magic Johnson of the Los Angelos Lakers.
Moving forward, the more formative years and teenage sculpting years for myself, were the 1990's. This was the grunge rock music era, The Reebock Pump sneakers, President Bill Clinton, and a thriving United States economy. For me personally this was also the school education years. I recall how uneasy middle school adolescence was. The meanness of classmates and general utter lack of confidence amid-st the changing bodies. Did you feel this way too? Fortunately High School proved MUCH better. The ability to drive, along with more confidence and independence was quite positive! Was High School bearable in your ERA?
For me, the 2000's were the University, college life and NYC years. Basically my 20's. I would describe the 2000's as stable and super FUN. I clubbed, partied, cruised, dished around and absorb it all too! There were war filled times with President George W. Bush & 911. There were also new technologies constantly arriving. The Internet, Google & Smart Phones have truly furthered society, our work, and the way humans communicate, with mobile email, text messages and the arrival of social media. Overall the 2000's were great, except for the crash recession at the end.
In our current decade, feel our society has truly embraced the internet and digital age. How do you feel? Or, are you a loyal "meat and potatoes" real life person? Has our culture, lifestyle and all continued to improve? Is our world just becoming more JUMBLED? What has been your favorite moment in time thus far? Was their a GOLDEN AGE? OR are we living in it? Let's remain OPEN MINDFUL to cultures and lifestyles of the past, present and future
Best Life Wishes!


Anonymous said…
although not the absolute best statistically, my favorite ERA is mordecai "3 finger" brown's 2.06.
Anonymous said…
I'm no Yankees fan, but Mariano Rivera's career postseason ERA is 0.70
Anonymous said…
Our current Decade Golden ERA may not last long if Kim Jong Un proves himself by nuking Austin. Kim Jong Un should be more Open MINDFUL to living humans breathing air in Austin and the other cities he has targeted for death, destruction, annihilation,and obliteration.
Thanks for the comments. Not exactly what I was going for. I was thinking cultural eras and time frames, but all comments welcomed.
Anonymous said…
i'm open mindful to all eras, but the picture you included was kinda confusing. was that supposed to represent a particular time period? if you're interested, the tang dynasty in china (circa 7th century) is an era worth reading about. enjoyed the post and the creative punctuation.
GVM said…
Thanks. All comments welcomed!
Anonymous said…
I really liked Tom Penders-era Texas basketball. They may not have won very much, but I think people should be more OPEN-MINDFUL to the kind of high-octane hoops orchestrated by Penders, Billy Tubbs and Paul Westhead.
I recall tom penders and the BMW team. Lance blanks, travis mays, joey wright, thus the BMW.

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