Death & Feelings...

Today's subject is the realization, feelings, emotions, changes and more that result from DEATH. Recently one of my fantastic, superb, funny, ideal aunts passed away from cancer. It was SAD.
Yet it was a very REALIZATION, that you, me, your mother, your brother, cousins, spouse and the person sitting next to you in the store will all eventually die. Whether your a prince or apauper, when the final breath comes, we're all no longer breathable flesh.
We must be OPEN MINDFUL to death, and not deny it.
If anything, it is a very truthful realization. We should wake up and know that time can move quickly and before you know it, it may gone. Let's remain OPEN MINDFUL to the power, brevity and sheer JOYS of daily life! If you wake up breathing, be positive and attack the day. Do not hold grudges, be friendly and respect others as we all share this time period and current earth together. The point here is to MAKE THE MOST OF IT! What are your thoughts, emotions, outlooks, and feelings on DEATH?
In general, people think they have more time and a longer life than they actually due. It seems like a brief time ago, I was in High school and a teenager. Now, I'm a fully grown man in his 3rd decade of life. The goal here is to ENJOY and get the MOST you can, out of your life. Each of us is different, unique and has varied aspirations. Yet, whatever they are let's remain, OPEN MINDFUL and hungry for life, while it runs through us.


Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
I will not deny death. I am openmindful to it.
Anonymous said…
Oh yeah -- don't trim the eyebrows so short. A little bushier would suit your features better.
Anonymous said…
I remain OPEN MINDFUL to holding grudges. Fuck all of yous.
Anonymous said…
a very thoughtful post. time is short, don's waste it. sorry about your aunt.

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