Room for Improvement?

Are you a curmudgeon whom is sedentary, conservative & content in their ways? Don't be. Are you unresponsive or willing to change? Does the heartfelt, honest critiques from others, make you feel cared for, or do you shun critiques by the wayside?
In my personal experiences, both professional, socially, athletically, education wise, and all strongly believe, we as humans should remain OPEN MINDFUL to improvement! We only have 1 full life to live, so why not, like the Army slogan, "be the best you can be." I really never thought I would ever promote or use a military item in this online publication. It happens.
So, let's agree to be OPEN MINDFUL to suggestions and improvement.
Moving forward, WHICH locations, peers, and destinations do you heed and take advice from? Which realms of society do embrace & welcomed suggestions from?
For example, do you take advice from your friends, family, loved ones, the internet, mentors, political figures, bosses, philosophers, or maybe perhaps from religion or nature? Curiously, please comment and share with us, your preferred places for improvement.
I try to stay OPEN MINDFUL to improvement. For example, I attempted YOGA this week, in an effort to be more physically and emotionally fit. Professionally, my goal is become more referable, and rely less heavily on advertisements. Also, with outside help, improved my home residence with a new air conditioner and a professional maid cleaning. All positive!
Overall, thanks for reading, your thoughts, comments and all, as we remain OPEN MINDFUL to life improvement.


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