People and their PETS.

In the style of Jerry Seinfeld, "What's the deal with people and their pets? Dogs especially. What is the mass human attraction to dogs as pets? What in the minds and soul attracts humans to caring for, paying, walking and being an owner for these animals? Please help me understand.
I mean, in my humble opinion, the negatives for dogs are, they can't talk with humans. A dog will never be able to speak and converse with their owner. Also they must constantly be cared for, bathed, walked, fed, leashed, cleaned up after and more. What joy do these dogs and animals bring? In addition dogs cause destruction to real estate, & are tough to constantly care for. They also smell and are not universally loved or accepted by guests.
Am I not being OPEN MINDFUL to dogs and pets? If so please share their positives for me. I am not perfect, and can recognize mistakes and being wrong.
Some perhaps better alternatives to dogs, are, ready, friends, girlfriends, significant others, hobbies, cats, plants, gardening, selfish alone time, and more. Any others I am leaving out?
To surmise, let's not always follow the standard, think outside the box, and be "OPEN MINDFUL" to changing dynamics in regards to life, people, and pets.


Anonymous said…
open mindful to mass euthanasia?
Anonymous said…
I don't keep any pets, right now, but I enjoy treating the neighborhood kitties to catnip that I've snipped from others' front yards and taking snapshots of them in their element. I don't know if I'm ready to become so attached to another pet. It's too much like losing a child or best companion when they get spooked and disappear.
Anonymous said…
these dogs are destroying Austin real estate!!!
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Thanks for your comments. All are appreciated. Thanks for reading and for thoughtful real comments.
Anonymous said…
I say yes to cats and selfish time alone

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