Keeping up with the Jones'...does it matter?

So, as Americans, sorry China and communist Cuba, this entry does not relate to you. We live in a highly competitive work, play, and economic environment. Do you, the reader find this competitive world energizing & inspiring OR as ill-focused and unnecessary?
The phrase, "keeping up with the Jones'" comes to mind.
Are you OPEN MINDFUL to the competitive monetary lifestyle & constant improvement or, do you not worry about friends and society, while being content to only judge yourself?
Although I have never seen the feature film movie, "Seven" with Brad Pitt & Morgan Freeman, do believe Jealousy was one of the 7 sins. Do you recall what the other sins were? Is this SEVEN film, worth watching?
Moving along, personally as a former/current athlete find this American competitive nature inspiring and fine. It's the real world, and its's not going to be easy and just sit in your lap. This fast paced, real world, knowledge, I learned 1st hand living in Manhattan and New York City for 5 years. In NYC, 1 minute your beautiful, crushing it, and on top, and the next moment it'll try to spit you down & smother you. Thank gosh, most of the world is not as cut-throat and competitive as NYC. I think the rest of America gets to breathe and is more friendly and normal. Don't you agree?
So to surmise, today's OPEN MINDED topic, is the pursuit of lifestyle, monetary wealth and general happiness. The grass is always greener on the other side. I see no problem with the "go getters whom are always striving for bigger, grander and better. This being praised and recognized, we came into this world naked, single and with nothing, and in the end, that is how we will leave it too! It's this in between & life, that is happening now.


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