Loyalty & Cheating

Today's subject and themes will focus on the topics of LOYALTY and CHEATING. For example do you personally consider yourself a loyal person or a Cheater?
This Loyalty could translate into many different forms. You could be loyal to brands and companies. For example one might be a loyal pepsi soda pop purchaser, instead of coca-cola or dr. pepper. You could be loyal to a certain doctor, lawyer, mechanic, real estate company or grocery chain. You could be a loyal person to your spouse or significant other in relationships. Another example of loyalty could be cheering or rooting for your alma matter. For example, for me I am a loyal lifetime fan & almunus of Austin High School and the University of Texas. If their team is playing, I'm rooting and hoping for them to emerge victorious. Another example of loyalty would be your choices in technology. Are you loyal to Macintosh/Apple/Iphone or more of the PC, Dell, windows mind?
On the flip side, let's discuss the cheating persona. How often do you cheat? Daily, weekly, monthly, never? It is your American right as a consumer in a capitalist country to shop around and buy what is best for you. It is competitive out there! If there is a cheaper, more affordable option, or a better product or service you have the right to make personal choices. Do you cheat on your spouses and girlfriends? Are you an OPEN MINDFUL person whom is willing to change doctors, dentists, lawyers, or auto mechanics? Do you ever feel guilty for cheating? Some people do, and others do not feel any guilt. Personally I would feel some guilt if I ever cheated on something or someone.
I'm not sure what the right answer here is, in the comparison of HUMAN Loyalty versus Cheating. Of course it is okay to be OPEN MINDFUL to new opportunities in life, whether it is with people, music, shopping, jobs, cities, and more. I guess it is just plain unsettleing when your the one being cheated on.
What do you think? How do you feel about loyalty? How loyal are you?
Maybe the cutthroat and competitive nature of NYC, really does linger and permeate in all of America. I thought I had escaped it. Bummer. It sucks when it pokes its heads out and bites you.


Anonymous said…
forgiveness, forgiveness, even if, even if, you don't love me anymore, i can't tell you why, it's just life in the fast lane, one of these nights love will keep us alive

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