New Versus Old

Are you a person whom prefers anything BRAND NEW versus OLD? Or are you a person whom likes the old things? Today's subject is the comparison of NEW versus OLD. Who do you think would win in a "bowl game" match up between NEW versus OLD?
This topic can be related to anything. For example NEW construction, newer younger people, new clothes, new girl & boyfriends, new places, new movies, new technology, new friends, new resorts, new bars and restaurants, social media, new equipment &new music! Is NEW the best? What is your favorite NEW item?
Or does OLD, dominate your lifestyle and choices. For example older historical properties and neighborhoods, older pals, old long term girl and boyfriends, your older favorite sweater or jacket, older classic bars & institutions, old politics, older more comfortable technology, classic established vacation spots, etc...
Lets be OPEN MINDFUL with both the NEW and OLD. There is good and quality in both. Personally, I would lean more towards the NEW side of things. I would love to live and reside in modern new construction, have a new girlfriend, makes lots of new money, and vacation in new exotic warm resorts. Yet I can also embrace older things too! For example, family, compact discs (Cds), traditional laptops, talking on the telephone, historical places, and old friends.
So what do you, our faithful OPEN MINDFUL readership and audience think? Are you OPEN MINDFUL to the New & Old? Who should win? Or do they both? As always, thoughtful, smart comments are welcomed on this current #1 ranked google keyword search creation.


Anonymous said…
make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold. bake through blends, mutt beep she told, fun miss liver band bee mother told.
so you are of the both mindset. new and old

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