"How are we to Judge?"

OPEN MINDFUL often covers topics and common themes in our world SOCIETY. As a city slicker person, business dealer & night owl, am constantly in contact with humans.
In general what characteristics or traits do you rate and rank most prominent? What are the major criteria that you find most attractive? For example in looking for a romantic partner are you most interested in looks, personality, age, height, wealth or figure?
As a consumer, whom do you decide to perform your business services? Do you prefer a service provider & business entity be intelligent, attractive, conversational, experienced or a combination of something else?"
Plenty of things can be ranked and rated. What else should we rank?
How do you rate and rank your nightlife destinations? For example are your nightlife destinations chosen on level of cost, # of attractive patrons, newness, proximity to where you live, live music presence, or amount of total fun possible? How do you decide where to go out?
Personally, as an open-minded person, in romantic ventures, I place a heavy importance on physical looks. With business choices I often choose the nearest location, with a quality website and overall solid reputation. And with nightlife, my choices are all over the map, as long as there is people, fun, & action.
Thanks for reading. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for your comments and discussions on how we as SOCIETY rank things? What drives us somewhere, and makes them the winner?


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