Life is a STAGE, win the Award!

Lately, I've been noticing and admiring the various different stages of human life. From babies, infants, teenagers, college kids, 20 somethings, young adulthood, parenthood, grown-ups, to grandparents, and those near retirement and peace with god.
So the concept and idea today here is, whatever STAGE in life you are at, Rock it! Crush it! Enjoy it! Dominate it! Win! If your a baby, and by some "Doogie Howser M.D" miracle you can read this, be the most awesome baby ever.
If your a youth in high school or college. Be the best in that environment! Be the student government president, score touchdowns, and date the head cheerleaders.
Embrace your stage in life! The past is gone, and the future can only be controlled to a set degree. Let's be OPEN MINDFUL to accepting your current stage, and then kicking ass in it.
Moving along, if your a single 20 something, run with it. For example live and reside in different cities, try new industries and jobs, experiment with your personal style, keep it fresh and embrace your independence.
Currently, and personally feel as though I am entering the young adulthood stage. My once speedy metabolism is slowing, and my body has entered into full "MAN" mode. I got bigger muscles for no reason. In addition, professionally I feel more respected & embraced by society's adult fraternity.. It only took 30 years & facial feature development to get there.
In regards to the future, we'll cross those bridges when they arrive. Let's hope we remain healthy, safe & can cruise there in good spirits. To summarize, let's be OPEN MINDFUL to dominating your unique life's current stage. You can do it! We as a society are rooting for you. We can all become better, together!
What STAGE of Life are you in? How is it going? Good Luck!


Anonymous said…
Currently I'm at the breach of my adolescence, I feel more comfortable with my identity than ever before and my creativity has never been better. I'm excited to learn what more I'm capable of, life's trials and tribulations always seem to surprise me and bring another perspective to struggle that keeps me humble. That's how it's going ;)

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