Does being COOL matter?

It's a new Year! 2014 has arrived. Bring it on and let's go for it.
Today's subject is the relevance of being "cool." Yes how important, value-able or non-critical is being hip, cool, edgy, fun and new? For example are you trendy? Do you keep up with pop culture? How important is a cool image to you?
Lately & personally I have noticed, that sometimes the most "uncool" people seem to be financially and overall more set and entitled than the adventurous hipster, trendy contingent. For example residents of boring neighborhoods with wives, families, children and average fashion style appear affluent, comfortable and moving forward in life. They seem to be happy, solid and content.
On the other-side, the hipster, cool, youthful generation & citizenry is living in far away, unsafe neighborhoods, sporting life altering tattoos, over-spending their money, and although exuberant, appear less well off than the normal, traditional folks.
What do you think? Are these inaccurate generalizations of people, society, and the concept of being "cool"? Is being cool, relavent and beneficial? Or like the loch ness monster swimming through a Lake in Scotland, just something transparent, wishful and not real.
Let's be OPEN MINDFUL to being cool, and also to others personas and lifestyles too. I think all phases and types are important and can live in harmony together! Sorry nerds & geeks, you got left out of this article.


Johnny McGee said…
Being happy is most important
Anonymous said…
As one of the nerdgeeks left out of your post, I wanted to share with you that the "Lake in Scotland" is called Loch Ness, hence the name, Loch Ness Monster.

Also, I really enjoyed the image attached to the post. I think it absolutely, totally, completely, with-out-a-doubt, 100%, and fully captures the idea of whether or not cool is matterful.
Thanks for your honest, sincere, heartfelt comments. Keep them going. So "does being cool matter?"
Anonymous said…
Ahh refreshing post

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