Open Mindful to the FOREIGN life?

While watching this Olympic bonanza on mainstream television, am inspired and in awe of the sheer volume of different countries this EARTH holds down.
I think sometimes, we as American citizens get caught up and stuck in our own little lives. We think small and worry about our jobs, our cities, & our immediate circle of influence, friends, partners, business allies, etc.
Today's theme is to bring us OUT into the world. To remain OPEN MINDFUL to different countries, people, languages, governments and methods for life. So are YOU the reader, OPEN MINDFUL to FOREIGN COUNTRIES? FOREIGN PEOPLE, FOREIGN CULTURE, & FOREIGN LANDSCAPES? Or, are you settled and burrowed into one destination? Like a groundhog, buried in a hole.
For example, would you ever live and actually reside in a Foreign Nation? Where? Which one? Would you consider dating or marrying a foreign person? Do you care to pay attention to foreign news?
Personally, I hope to stay OPEN MINDFUL to foreign countries and people. Previously, I have romantically dated a foreign girl for over a year, and it was fantastic and genuine. Also, I actually resided and had a flat/apartment in Sevilla, Spain for 1 summer. That was an absolutely joyous time-frame too.
What are your best FOREIGN experiences and stories? Where should we escape and adventure to?
Where should we NOT go?
Thanks for your genuine, truthful foreign experiences and comments.
I hope we as a country, world and citizenry, will progressively grow more OPEN MINDFUL to the diversity, yet bonding sameness of human life here on earth.


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