Successfully Single for Life?

As an open minded soul, am proud of our American culture and the diversity it welcomes in regards to familial styles and structures.
A few examples of diverse families include, the homosexual married couple, the single mother with children, the loving step father, the traditional 50's family with 2 kids and a white picket fence, the adopted child, and much more.
Society, culture and the human embracing of this familial diversification is welcoming, great and increasing normal! Would you agree this progressive attitude towards the "new millennial family" is a good thing? I am glad, we as a society are becoming more open mindful and respectful to this familial variety.
In a selfish turn, how does this relate to me? More and more lately, I am becoming much more comfortable, happy and joyous with the prospect of being successfully single for the remainder of my life. I'm pretty cool with it.
For example, if I continue to remain an attractive, tall, athletic, handsome man, and am able to gainfully support a bountiful, fruitful lifestyle with an advancing career, then I say why not?
I sometimes don't comprehend where this desire for people to become "locked down" and jailed to one human comes from? Where does it? It must be innate in women.
I thought America and its ideals were based on CAPITALISM and FREEDOM! Why would a person male or female throw that away? Why? Tell me?
Moving forward, regardless of mine, yours or anyone's familial situation or status, hope people will be OPEN MINDFUL and WELCOMING to all different walks of life. As long as your happy & content, then stay the course and keep enjoying it. Do as you like.


Anonymous said…
I agree. Woman only good for one thing, I am right George?
Women are wonderful in many ways. I just don't understand their innate desire for marriage. It's kind of odd.
Anonymous said…
we're the more nurturing species, and it's natural for us to seek stability and find someone to take care of ? That's the answer I think you're looking for.. I on the other hand, and I'm sure many other women feel the same, am not looking for marriage. I'm sure one day but not anytime soon. i do enjoy experiencing different men the way I have though, learning their strengths and weaknesses, knowing how to trigger certain emotions. I dive deep and always resurface.
Anonymous said…
Most of us live in a semi-somnambulistic state: we do our daily tasks and the days fly by. The two exceptions to this are childhood and those moments when we are in love. In both cases, our emotions are more engaged, more open and active. And we equate feeling emotional with feeling more alive.
Great thought provoking comments. Thus women, are the more nurturing species, solid answer. Thanks for taking the time to give comments.

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