Willing to actually LISTEN?

Often times, I notice, that we as citizens tend to try and dictate our agenda. For example, we try to steer a conversation our way and direction. We care that our opinion, voice, thoughts and views on the scene are important and heard.
Do you ever actually LISTEN to others? Are you OPEN MINDFUL to authentically LISTENING to people? Yes, No, Sometimes? Are you open to new ideas, topics, and your fellow humans?
On a side note, a recent visitor and new friend, said I should call this blog, "Philosophy on the Fly". Good suggestion, as I listened to that one. I digress.
Whether we are talking with business associates, friends, romantic partners, customer service people, politicians or anyone, let's be OPEN MINDFUL to hearing them out.
If one stops to think about it, how did you become a better, smarter and more intelligent person? Well, you actually LISTENED to your parents, your 1st grade teacher, your driving instructor, your sports coach, your University professors and lecturers, and finally your business manager and executives. You grew, improved and become more awesome through paying attention and using your ears. Let's keep that going, don't you think?
How well do you feel you listen?
As we humans on this earth strive to improve society, equal rights for all, culture and the world, let's rememeber to be OPEN MINDFUL to actually Listening. Will ya?


Anonymous said…
“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.”
― Stephen R. Covey
excellent excellent excellent 2nd comment. that is being open mindful

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